Re: Doburdun and/or Shargash

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 17:00:30 +0200

> > In Dara Happa Doburdun is primarily the big but harmless midcontinental
> > summer thunderstorm.
> Setting aside the word "harmless", I always imagined Shargash's
> primary physical manifestation being sudden summer thunderstorms
> (and Peloria has just the right geography for these, too).
> Are the two physically different storms, or more like different
> theistic associations attributed by different regional cultures
> (Alkothi and Darsenites (?)) to the same piece of material
> meteorology.

I didn't think Shargash had any explicit storm association. Lightning yes, but as a manifestation of fire, not storm. Shargash has his planet, above the atmosphere, and doesn't "feel" stormy.

Nils Weinander
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