Re: Triangulation at sea

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 00:19:18 +0100 (BST)

Jerome Blondel:
> I didn't know about "the dread Tin Compasses". Surely a rare item!

In "Plunder", I think? The bad old days, certainly. ;-)

> Well, I guess the good chart isn't quite so easy to get too (especially
> when you need to know the distance between, say, Nolos and Jrustela...)

True -- but if this triangulation technique were readily possible, making such charts would become both more easier and more accurate.

> Also, "triangulation" and tin compasses would probably mostly be a Malkioni
> (and maybe Kethaelan) thing, provided that the sailors don't go stricken
> with fear when the captain takes measures of the Red Moon (don't the Red
> Vadeli come from there?).

Indeed, there's something rather reductionistically Malkioni about the whole method.

> Others would do like the Vikings who sailed in
> night-less summer under a cloudy sky, or (in the east and Maslo?) like the
> Polynesians.

That's a mental picture I'm happier with myself too. But bear in mind that they didn't have the _option_ of long-range triangulation in the RW (until the longitude problem was solved). If tin compasses and accurate bearings on the RM are possible in Vithela, it's hard for me to entirely preclude the possibility.

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