Re: Red Moon stuff.

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 10:28:28 +0100 (BST)

Joerg quoth me:
> > That's my understanding also. The RM isn't *quite* in the sky world,
> > but is very nearly so, and even more so (in some sense I shall make
> > imprecise...) in the Glowline.

> Ah, that's easy. Within the Glowline, the sky world is closer to the
> surface world, as is fitting for the Dara Happan Empire.

I rather like that. They didn't move the moon at all, "just" the sky.  ;-)

> The apparent size or shape for casting the Lunar shadow can of course be
> much larger than the red body itself.

That would be Very Odd Indeed, I think. Can you explain how this would appear, visually?

> Clouds of that density do remind you of eclipses... and you get roving
> shadows in Dagori Inkarth and possibly atop Shadow Plateau which are in
> effect moving eclipses.

If you have an opaque body across the whole _sky_, surely. If you have a "low" body, obscuring the sun, but _not_ the rest of the sky, then it won't be especially dark (unless there's something else funky going on).

> Hmm. When the moon crashes down, does this mean that this giant shadow
> creeping all over half of its surface gets to creep over the Surface
> World?

That certainly a very cool image. I have no idea if it makes any actual sense or not, but I've always thought actual sense can be over-rated...

> BTW, any official word on the Lunar phases within the Silver Shadow?
> Observable: probably, but rather as a direction? "There's alwas half
> moon in the Silver Shadow"?

Is there even any Official word confirming the "searchlight theory", in the first place? (I come to praise same, I hasten to add; it's certainly part of my own "working model".) I'd tend to think each seventh of the SS showed the searchlight phases; inside the Crater itself: well, you're now mad, illuminated, transported to the moon itself, or some combination of the above, so what do you care about mere superficialities any more?

> Most such conjunctions are observable only at night or during eclipses
> (unless you're a Buseri).

Other than in the sense that solar events at night aren't especially interesting, I'm not at all clear why this would be so, in general.

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