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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 23:06:58 +1000

G'day all,

Jerome Blondel:
>I didn't know about "the dread Tin Compasses". Surely a rare item!

Alex Ferguson:
>>In "Plunder", I think? The bad old days, certainly. ;-)

Peter Metcalfe:
>>>Sun County p120 (a Magic Item of one Bunan Flea).

Yep, SC's Bunan Flea has got one (which, because its been to the Heroplane and back, doesn't actually point to Magasta's Pool any more). However, they were first described in RQ2's Plunder*, where it says they are in fact relatively easy to manufacture if you know how.


MOB *Rather than being what Alex has facetiously labelled the "bad old days", the period Plunder came out was in fact a wonderful time for roleplaying in Glorantha, as anyone actually gaming at that time will remember and anyone who wasn't can flick through the MiG and see. The succession of releases from Chaosium that came out during this period stand up very well against the latest HW products, despite being almost twenty years old.

Rather than the "bad old days", Plunder actually was a product of RQ Glorantha gaming's Golden Age, just as Sun County was part of the sadly brief flowering of the "RQ Renaissance."

The "bad old days" Graham Robinson referred to in V8 #415 [during a discussion about why Glorantha Digest traffic had markedly slowed] was the protracted period between the time AH stopped supporting RQ and Issaries Inc. finally got HW on the shelves. Not all that long ago at all, really.

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