Oi! Again with the maps!

From: Gary R Switzer <gswitzer_at_loop.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 14:50:26 -0700

Alex Ferguson says:

>Admittedly, if the continental maps one finds in Ye Olde Boxed Sets,
>and the like, are actually Gloranthan documents, then one might argue
>that seriously-good position-finding "technology" really must exist.
>OTOH, one might resist same as being quite wildly "anachronistic".
>(Yes, I know Glorantha isn't earth, but you know what I mean.)

Two and a half(!) years ago, when this thread last arose I posted the following:

In "Tarsh Wars" (pg 29) it says:

    "The Bush Range is one of the so-called Gref Surveys produced by the Ordo Explorator or Scout/Survey Division of the Irrippi Ontor cultists attached to the Red Army. The compass rose is oriented to the Crater. Accurate maps are very rare in Glorantha, and jealously guarded from unauthorized eyes."

So at least in the Lunar Empire there is a concerted effort create some maps, possibly with the help of those Staff Officers who are of the Cult of Polaris. Btw, does Polaris still provide something like the old Rune spell "Celestial Harmony?" Plus the Lunars know what compasses are.

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From the unpublished memoirs of Marberus of Jillaro, late of the Furthest Corps...

"At this time [7/37] Appius Luxius directed his agent at Nochet, in Esrola, to buy, not only the most accurate information about the strengths of the Praxian barbarians, but also the engraved copperplates from which the great map of the Library had been printed. In spite of the vast difficulties in the transport of this heavy mass of metal, the treason was so well arranged, and so handsomely paid for, that these plates were abstracted from the archives of the Great Library and carried into the Empire without their disappearance being discovered either by the Pharaoh or by our own customs officials. As soon as the plates reached Glamour, the War Office, after substituting Pelorian for Theyalan characters in the names of places and rivers, had this fine map copied, and the Emperor ordered a copy to be sent to all the generals and commanders of light cavalry regiments. Thus I received one, which I succeeded, with some difficulty, in saving during all my later campaigns, as it forms a large roll of vellum. The map contained all of the barbarian lands of the south; even Teshnos and Ramalia, which considerably amused those who received it. Very few brought theirs back, but I have got mine."

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