Re: Tin Compasses

From: MOB <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:10:10 +1000

G'day all,


[Subject: Tin Compasses]

>It's not in my copy of Plunder, which is why I thought you
>invented it. I see however from MIG II that it appears in
>the Plunder article in WF #11.

Whoops. Yes, it's one of the treasures that was detailed in the WF feature, but didn't make it into the actual publication. (All my Glorantha stuff in on a bookcase in my baby's room, so it's kinda difficult to check things at the moment...)


MOB PS Apologies also to Alex, whose reference to the 'bad old days' was clearly an ironic one, rather than facetious.

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