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From: David Dunham <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:34:29 -0700

Gian asked

> > Gold-Usdaros (Orgorvaltes)
> > Dorulf Backbone (Vestantes)
> > Askul Omo (Koroltes)
>these three are Orlanthi tribes/nations, I guess.

Correct, as are the Stravuli. I believe all of these have been mentioned in Enclosure, not sure which issue.

History of The Empire of the Wyrms Friends (EWF Propaganda)

        As everyone knows, over 300 years ago the hero Arkat came to help us free Dragon Pass from Chaos, but then betrayed us to the trolls. For over a century, the trolls collected an onerous tax called Arkat's Command.

        Our ancestors prepared for over ten years, and in 578 finally freed themselves. We call this the Tax Slaughter, but it was actually several large battles, both day and night, against troll armies from both Dagori Inkarth and the Shadowlands. Finally, our ancestors drove the trolls out of Dragon Pass, and freed themselves from the odious taxation.

        Only a few years before, Vistikos Left-Eye, one of the first to learn draconic speech, formed the first Waltzing and Hunting Band, and spread the wisdom of the draconic way. The newly freed people united together with the dragonewts of Dragon Pass, and formed the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. They formed a Diet, where everyone could be represented.

        Over a hundred years ago, the Emperor hired a tribe of Horse People from the north to help us conquer Prax. They moved into Prax, but couldn't displace the Praxian nomads. Finally, 37 years ago at the Battle of Third Wing, the Battle Banner summoned three flights of helpers, and we decisively beat the Praxian beast riders, who fled eastward across the River of Cradles.

        In 718, the Waertagi ships which had ruled the seas were destroyed at the Battle of Tanian's Victory, and the God Learners, an empire far to the west, began spreading quickly by ship.

        In 720, the God Learners they reached the mouth of the River of Cradles and built the city of Feroda. The river is named because giants build huge cradles and float their babies downstream to the sea. The God Learners began capturing these cradles.

        It is now 774 years since the Dawn, and the Empire faces many challenges. But there are also many new opportunities - new lands to be conquered, new people to convert to the Draconic way - and possible new friends. The Emperor of the revitalized Dara Happan Empire is sympathetic to our ambassadors, and the Only Old One, troll ruler of the Shadowlands who has long been friendly with humans, is personally negotiating with the Diet.

David Dunham
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