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<< So Prax was a sort of "Trading land" used by EWF to  buy God Learners' sympathy (conquered by EWF allies  but given to the God Learners in exchange for what?)  


IMO the EWF brought in the Horse People because they were better than animal nomads to live next to. (if you lived next door to a Bison you might understand this). I also think Praxians have a mythological reason to side with "Giants" rather than "Dragons" and these two are known to dislike each other. So, Pure Horse people get rid of the beast riders for the EWF, and meet up with another bunch of weird people, not Dragon-fanciers this time but God-botherers. Anyway, Pure Horse People, being an arrogant and superior bunch, will deal with anyone as long as they don't get mixed up in their filthy dirt-walking ways, so they allied with the Cradle Robbers as well as with the EWF.

I see the Horse People acting as a buffer between the two cultures/empire, and a good one because they remain uncorrupted (because they are such a bunch of traditionalist stick in the muds) by either set of mutually incomprehensible ideals .

I do not think it was an EWF attempt to buy sympathy, nor do I think the Godlearners 'got' Prax. I think that Robcradle was really pretty isolated from civilisation, down in the valley, surrounded by Horse People for the most part. No one wants Prax (apart from nomadic people) because it is good for nothing but herding animals and even then the pasture is so poor you need to keep moving.

Keith N

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