From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_mail.utexas.edu>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:53:48 -0500

Chris Graham asks:

>Do zombies have souls?

        I don't think so, although being a zombie could do bad things to your soul, I suppose -- one reason Humakti hate the idea of becomming zombies -- it prevents them from reaching Death properly. (In Drastic: Darkness, there was the idea that Zorak Zoran cultists made zombies partly to cheese off the Ancestors by preventing the zombie souls from getting back to Hell.) Hmm, maybe the zombie doesn't "have" a soul, but the process feeds on the soul to create the zombie....

        In Glorantha it's pretty well established that souls and intellect are separate -- after all, Vampires (and other POWerless but INTelligent creatures in RQ terms) don't have souls or any hope for an afterlife. Now, I think zombies aren't exactly intelligent -- they have some "muscle memory" and rags of experience, but they lack real mental ability. So Uncle Bjorn can still gut you, and he might even recognize you ("If you loved me, you'd let me eat your brains...), but he's unlikely to make any mental leaps, devise cunning strategies, etc. There's just not enough there. Followers of Gark the Calm, the Original Zombie Maker, might keep considerably more "personality." There's my opinion.

Peter Larsen

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