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From: Topi Pitkanen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:38:42 +0300 (EEST)

> I think that in Glorantha, Languages convey ideas,
> culture, even magic, so if two individuals share the
> same language they share more than the use of words
> and phonems, especially if the language is an
> artifical one (like New Pelorian and Tradetalk) used
> for specific purposes (for trade or for ruling).

I agree, except I'm bit puzzled about New Pelorian used for ruling. An attribute that would better suit Dara Happan, wouldn't it?

Anyway, the extent where to a Language is a magical bond, I believe, is dependant how well the mythology behind the language is shared with the speakers. You seemed to think likewise.

(An Idea struck me! I must check if the Language Family -tables of Glorantha Boxed Set could be converted to Similarities in Mythology -tables for example by Multiplying the Transferable Skill Percentage from a Language by the Number of the Four Worlds. So a Sartarite would have like 80% similar myths with Tarshian cousin, but could agree with an Aggarite only 40% of time, which would lead into troubles considering hospitality.)
I'll be reporting after further study.

The best example of what you suggest may be Auld Wyrmish: only surgically artificial :) language of EWF.  

> So a Lunar Dara Happan using New Pelorian to
> comprehend a Lunar Eolian, can fully comprehend him.

Yes. But I was looking for exactly the cases when this doesn't hold true. I'm searching the flaws of the lozenge and the limits of the waxing lunar sphere.

My thesis was, there are cultural and mythological differencies that even Lunarization and New Pelorian together cannot overcome. What are those differences?

The best thing would be entertaining and enlightening examples that elucidate more general patterns. Like "There's been reported a Jokbazi worshipper in the Mad Sultanate. T'was so chaotic that even after being nysalorianly illuminated, it glowed with chaos taint. But the shargashi crazies killed it many times and dragged it's soul to Alkoth banging their bloody selerian battledrums" Only more to the point.

I hold propable that some of those differences have been noted by Lunars themselves and even been dealt with. And thats a true example of Lunar Progress. "This Fulmoon when a Lunar Dara Happan hears the word PLUSGOOD he thinks of the Red Emperor. Lunar Eolian hears the word PLUSGOOD she thinks of Great Sister. Goddes knows it didn't use to be this subtle. But One day they will both think Us."  -Jar Eel to Beat Pot after heroquesting with an Addi"

> I hope the above is comprehensible :) (even if I don't
> read/write New Pelorian)

Likewise. (And it's ok. My Auld Wyrmish is bit shaky too.)

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #464

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