Re: EWF in Pavis

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:23:07 EDT

In a message dated 18/07/01 21:33:14, you write: David Dunham:
<< No. Prax is a buffer state given to the Horse Tribe. The insidious  God Learners snuck up the River of Cradles and founded Robcradle.>>

Gosh. This is so much more to the point than my rambling and confusing answer, but I meant the same thing.  

 <<Ejecting the God Learners is almost always on the agenda in the game  (and happened historically -- Pavis is an EWF city built on the  Robcradle ruins).

Just because it is important in my game, I would add that Pavis was always 'strongly allied' with the EWF rather than being part of it. In my opinion it was founded by EWFers not keen on the militaristic developments of the Third Council.

Keith N

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