Zombies and Chaos

From: Peter Johansson <pmj_at_ebox.tninet.se>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 00:38:46 +0200

The thread started by Chris Graham on zombies and souls in The Glorantha Digest V8 #463, inspires me to ask if (some) zombies can be considered to be chaos.

Since many cults, both chaotic (e.g. Vivamort) and others (e.g. Zorak Zoran), have the magic necessary to create zombies, my conclusion is that zombies, skeletons etc can't be considered chaotic in themselves. But, and here is the springing question, is a zombie created by for instance Delecti the Necromancer considered to be chaos since the magic used to create it and the creator himself belongs to a chaos cult? If so, the Storm Bull ability to Sense Chaos ought to alert a Storm Bull worshipper if a zombie created by Vivamorters was near but not if the zombie was created by Zorak Zorans.

Another option could be that zombies are never to be considered chaotic in this respect since they don't have a soul tainted by chaos.

Peter Johansson

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