RE: LBQ and souls

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 01:05:20 -0700 (PDT)

> And on another note, we know that CA
> resurrection is sort of a lesser
> version of the LBQ. Do we know what the rituals and
> myths behind
> resurrection is in other cultures that have that
> power? I'd be very curious
> to know how it comes out from a Yelmic perspective.
> - -Ben Waggoner

I am sure others have better insights than me on this subject but here are my two lire:

LBQ is an adventurous, cooperative, effort in which a bunch of friends/allies tries to correct/redeem the error of one of them. It's about friendship, alliance, exchange, movement and repentance.

Yelmic theology seems to me straighter and more coercitive. It's about authority and hierarchy. I suppose that a Yelmic hero has to travel to the right otherworld/hell where his friend is kept, fight/scare the boss of that precise otherworld/hell and command him/her to release the hero's friend. The main problem is that if the otherworld/hell lies within the mythological boundary of the Darkness, Yelmic power is greatly reduced so the hero can be unable to defeat/scare the boss of the otherworld. I daresay few Yelmic resurrections succeed anyway.

Earth resurrections are more likely to succeed and I place in this category also aldryami resurrections (based on growth/green age myths) and Lunar resurrections (based presumably on Earth-age myths). Earth, IMO, has the power to negate death and the knowledge to anticipate it. So a resurrection quest could request, for example, that the killer is caught, deprived of his death powers in a mythical contest so that the killing has not occurred since he was not able to wield it.

I wonder if Lunars can also perform a sort of tricked LBQ, based on Storm myths healed to fit the Lunar way.

Ok, enough ramblings for the moment.


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