Re: LBQ and souls

From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 13:07:46 GMT

Peter Larsen:
> I'm not sure that anyone goes on a LBQ with a detailed
>result planned -- you want help, but I think it's up to the gods (or
>Fate) to determine what you get. I also think that any "gift" from
>the Underworld will be a mixed blessing -- Arkat and Sheng being two
>excellent examples.

Presumably an LBQ isn't just an advanced Resurrection spell: "Bring someone back from Hell": you should also be able to perform it as a way of convincing/forcing your enemies to put aside their hostility and ally with you. Or an LBQ could even be a way to ambush and capture a Chaos foe and integrate its powers into the world...


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #467

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