Re: LBQ and souls

From: Ben Waggoner <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:27:51 -0700


    And given what's going on in Dragon Pass circa HW, these are all mythologically potent and useful things to want to do. And probably

    Scenario idea: an isolated Heortling clan under religious/social assault by the Lunars. They off the local Lunar head honcho, and run the rest of them out of town. And then without the protection of the Lunar forces, the local chaos nasties attack them. So the clan leaders have to go resurrect the Lunar, and make a deal to take out Chaos together. Could wind up as an involuntary HQ.

From: (Stephen Tempest)
> Presumably an LBQ isn't just an advanced Resurrection spell: "Bring
> someone back from Hell": you should also be able to perform it as a
> way of convincing/forcing your enemies to put aside their hostility
> and ally with you. Or an LBQ could even be a way to ambush and
> capture a Chaos foe and integrate its powers into the world...

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