The Temple of the Reaching Storm

From: Julian Lord <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 22:44:23 +0200

Ben :

> > In so doing, he naturally *became* what he once opposed.
> > <Insert Nietzsche quotes about monsters and abysses here>.
> >
> > Classic example: the Temple of the Reaching Storm. If I interpret
> > this correctly, it would be a focus for Storm magics that are always
> > at maximum strength within a certain radius of the temple. In other
> > words, Argrath has chained Orlanth to permanantly rotate in a fixed,
> > unchanging spiral about one miserable little temple in Saird. Now
> > tell me again how this differs from what the Lunars were trying to
> > do...
> Interesting theory. Of course, the Red Goddess doesn't seem to mind
> being "reached." Alternatively, it may extend the natural Stormy nature of
> Kerofinela north in some kind of mythically useful way.

I'd always assumed that Argrath "simply" took over the old Temples of the RM and sort of "reprogrammed" them so that they worked backwards (outwards not inwards).

Did he in fact do something else ?

Julian Lord

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