RE: Some LBQ Answers, Greg Version

Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:13:08 -0000

Greg says :

>> The more I think about it, the more I think the LBQ isn't
>>resurrection at all. It's the source of CA's resurrection powers,

>Not exactly so. CA's own previous mythology of resurrection provided
>critical parts of the LBQ.

As I understand it, Chalana Arroy knows how to heal mortal wounds. Within 7 days of death, the soul of the deceased stays connected to the body. So if a healer heals the mortal wound, the body and soul can be re-integrated.

After 7 days the soul has been judged by Daka Fal and goes to the place of it's doom. At that point, the healer can't help. Orlanthi know how to go to the underworld and release the soul, so that a healer can heal the death wound.

So a Chalana Arroy resurection isn't realy a mini-LBQ.

Simon Hibbs

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