History of Lake Oronin & Castle Blue

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>Great story! Very interesting, as usual...

>I have been wondering lately if there is a connection between Syranthir
fathering a son by Charmain, and >Froalar fathering a son (Ylream) to Seshna. Wasn't coastal Fronela colonized by the Seshnegi just after the
>dawn? Could Syranthir have been reenacting King Froalar's quest to father


I found a similarity, Communal Marriage of Paganism and Monotheism. But Earth Rune is important in Seshnela than Water Rune.

Thanks, Kevin.
But I can hardly be a lenient grader about this own story of mine. It ignores many sources.
Because It does not mention about Castle Blue and Change of Lake Oronin: And I should put more Pelandan Sources (Jernotian Mysticism and Bisosian Cycle?)
and RW Persian Source (Great Wise Bird living near of Great Mountain? Intelligent Horse?) to the Boss Syranthir.

Japanese are nortorious eating Largest Catch of Fishery per population in this World...

History of Lake Oronin

God Age
(Late Green Age and Early Golden Age?) VisaruDalan ruled the Mount Fire, his son, Turos curved many living animals from clay. That was Center of Wendaria and the Land of Five Mountains.

(Middle or Late Golden Age?) Many Tribes of Blue (and Stream of Water?) invaded Pelanda, one of them made Mabakarisarro, Sweet Sea (Peter Metcalph wrote about this lake). One of the Detachment attacked Old Dozy DidalaDalan aka VisaruDalan. The Leader of the Blue People was King Oronin and eventually defeated King of Wendaria. Mount Fire was no more. There was Lake Oronin. Oronin's magic and fertility appeared as Beautiful Five Coloured Fishes.

(Storm Age or Early Great Darkness?) YarGan Arganum came from the West, he killed (or hurt?) King Oronin and got the Crown of Oronin and Rulership over Blue People. He started City Culture from his Capital Kendesos and patronized Western Sorcerors. His Cruel Rule lasted until Jernoitian High Gods, King Bisos, General Daxdarius, Mystic Jernotia, Prophet Idomon finally drove him and his minions to the Depth of Sweet Sea. During YarGan's period, The Fertility of the Lake (Five Fishes) also was depleted

(Great Darkness) Bleak Period

(Dawn) IMHO, after Degeneria relit the Flame in the ruin, the part of the Life of King Oronin also revived as under the Cosmic Compromise in Orlanthi Myth, but that is imperfect and not Fertile as his reign. YarGan still lived in Depth of Pelanda and demanded Blue People. Struggle between Spolite and Dara Happa worsened this situation. I think Castle Blue (see Redline History 0th Wane, Appendix) was a consequence of Compromise, King Oronin and YarGan, God Age and Time. (There is no refering about Fishes about this period...)

(Carmanian Empire) Next Great Change, was of course Syranthir and Carmanos. Sironder married with a Mysterious Goddess of Castle Blue and helped the Fertility of the Lake, the Power of Brinnus finally defeated or absorbed the Power of Enthyr, and Carmanos started Worship of his mother.

(Bull Dynasty) As they also stood for Carmanian Dualism, they remained the superficial Worship though they hunted down the Bloodline of Carmanos.

(Lunar Empire) Apotheosis of Teela Estara was a consequence of Battle of Castle Blue. Lunars destroyed the Cult of Carmanos in the Battle of Four Arrows of Light, and the supernatural War of Lake Oronin caused Fishes: see Rune Quest Genertela Book about Lake Oronin, Five Fishes again disappeared.

Maybe in Hero Wars, the returning of Coloured Fishes indicates some Great Change....

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #474

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