From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:27:06 +1200

Kevin P. McDonald

>Ah, sorry - I wasn't clear. Obviously Sog City was founded before the Dawn
>since they called the Janube river down from the Sweet Sea when the Flood
>receded. I was referring to the Codex #2 entry from your timeline stating:
>"100 ST Silver Empire Colonies have expanded along the entire Fronelan
>Coastline [C#2]."

Just because the Silver Empire colonized it doesn't mean there were native Malkioni there beforehand. The date's wrong anyhow but I haven't corrected it.

>What I am trying to do is clarify for myself what Syranthir's Ten Thousand
>were like before their migration to Peloria - particularly as it relates
>to Syranthir and Charmain.

They were a bunch of knights with pagan grunts AFAIK.

>Assuming (possibly wrongly) that the Brithini colonists around Sog City
>were not the ancestors of most of the western Fronelans, it seems logical
>that the Seshnelan colonists were those ancestors.

It's an error to think of Sog City as being founded by the Brithini race as the Brithini did not exist then. Sog City was founded by a group of Atheists for the behalf of their Waertagi patrons. Between the Flood and the Ice Age (this is most of the Storm Age), other Malkioni migrated to coastal Fronela from elsewhere. At the Dawn, they had formed several minor nations of believing Malkioni that were in Sog City's shadow. Then came Hrestol and as a result the Fronelan nations had no more need to bow and scrape to the Brass City.

Now it's another seven hundred years till Syranthir's time and anything that could happen did. The Silver Empire tried to integrate the land into itself but failed. Talor united the nations into a loose confederation called Loskalm. Then the God Learners successfully occupied Loskalm and began to convert it into a bastion of Monotheism. As a result, Syranthir was kicked out.

>Were the pre-GodLearner Fronelans henotheistic?

No. The rulers and their fellow laity worshipped Malkion and the Saints and nobody else. They did lord it over pagans of several different types. They are far closer to what Jonatela is _now_ rather than Safelster. Yes, Carmania does not resemble Jonatela but the proto-Carmanians were strongly influenced by what happened to them when they reached Pelanda (Glorantha: Intro p120).

>There were certainly a lot of Seshnelans that were, but during King
>Lofting's rule the Hrestoli cracked down on the pagans - and Sog City
>was the site of Hrestol's martyrdom.

You are conflating different meanings of Hrestoli. The Hrestoli of Lofting's Time are not the same as the Hrestoli of Fronela and they are certainly not the same as the modern day Hrestoli church. The Seshnegi King's List is primarily interested in events about Seshnela. We hardly know what goes on in Nolos for most of the time for example.

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