U-Con Glorantha Track (USA Gaming Convention)

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_usol.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 21:57:59 -0400

Gaming Convention: U-Con

Where: Ann Arbor, MI, USA
(more specifically: University of Michigan Union, corner of State and S. University. About half an hour from Detroit Metro Airport [DTE].)

When: 16 Nov 01 - 18 Nov 01

Contact: Andy Dawson <asmpd_at_usol.com> (Though I will be leaving for GenCon tomorrow, and so won't be responding until next week.)

Convention Web Site: www.deathstar.org/~ucon

Why: To GM/narrate and/or play multiple Glorantha games (Hero Wars, freeforms, RQ, whatever).

U-Con is a long-running convention in Ann Arbor. It has hosted a Tekumel Track for three years that started out small and has grown to two to three events per time slot. We would like to provide a similar track of Glorantha events. This is a track of events in a convention that hosts plenty of other gaming events. All events are open to all con-goers and the Glorantha Track events will be coordinated to provide the widest coverage throughout the con.

What do we want: GMs/narrators and players. We have some Hero Wars events and no freeform events, and we could use one freeform and plenty more "tabletop" events.

Other Questions (lodging, etc.): Please contact asmpd_at_usol.com.

Lastly: Please respond to asmpd_at_usol.com, not to the list.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #476

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