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Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 17:52:17 EDT

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<< Humm... creating a "Carmanian House Generator" is going to be more difficult than I thought! And I thought it would be pretty hard. After all, how do you work out the history/mythological story of a people from such a complex background? Should I use Fronelan mythic history, Pelandan, or some sort of blending of the two (which I suspect is the case)? >>

Are you doing Carmanian House Generator like the Orlanthi Clan Generator? For 'modern' 1622ish Carmanians? Interesting idea considering the secretive bitchiness of Carmanian Houes.

I would personally stick to stuff after Syranthir, questions prior to that might be:
Were you kicked out of Fronela with Syranthir? YES Were you part of a bunch of mercenaries who conquered Pelanda? YES

Then you can get into Lions, Bulls, various Pelandan cultures that you are tainted with, assorted Dara Happan perversity, and other dangerously degenerate peoples whom might have spread the Lie. Lots of sides to take after Carmanos establishes the basic structure.

Keith N

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