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Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 12:17:05 +1200

Kevin P. McDonald:

>So... just to labor the point, I assume that the parallel between
>Syranthir and King Froalar should be taken as more literary than literal?
>Syranthir's ancestors might have been Silver Empire colonists,

Syranthir would have still known about the myth of Froalar and Seshna, because it has a major impact on Hrestol who is big in Loskalm. There is no reason to assume that he cannot have heard it simply because his ancestors weren't from Seshnela.

>and it doesn't matter anyway, because he wouldn't have been
>trying to imitate the early seshnelan pagans/henotheists?

I don't see how you arrive at this conclusion considering the Carmanians now worship Pagan Gods. I don't know anything about Syranthir's state of mind when he attempted the quest but even if he were a fanatical Malkioni, he might have still attempted it to give his army a secure place to live in.

>Humm... creating a "Carmanian House Generator" is going to be more
>difficult than I thought! And I thought it would be pretty hard. After
>all, how do you work out the history/mythological story of a people from
>such a complex background?

Start from Syranthir's migration (why did your people leave Loskalm?) and work onwards. Since they have had a radical change in religious perspective since leaving Loskalm, most of the mythic connections from that period will be lost.

The next question would be about where they settled (Spol, Jhor, Worian or Bindle). After that should come their attitude to the locals based on the new revelations about the Lie.

Then a question about where they stood in the battle between Light and Darkness (ie the reigns of Asacar the Black down to Saman the Lion).

Their attitudes towards Dara Happa (helped the EWF conquer it, fought the EWF, switched sides, supported Dara Happa).

When most of their house was wiped out in the Dragonkill and the Bullshahs took over, what did they do? (sucked up and accepted more fiefs, accepted exile etc).

When the Bull Shahs were defeated at the Battle of the Four Arrows of Light, what was their reaction to the Lunar Way? (Stern opposition because of its chaotic nature, etc).

What was their reaction when Aronius persuaded the Hierophant to issue a Fatwah approving the Lunar Way as acceptable (made accusations of bribery, accepted Aronius's interpretation of Lunar Carmania, converted wholeheartedly to the Lunar Way).

What did they do when Sheng Seleris came?

After the nights of horrors, what was their main area of expansion? (the South, Oraya, the Heartlands etc - Fronela is excluded because of the Ban).

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #479

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