From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 20:43:59 +1200

Kevin P. McDonald.

> > >and it doesn't matter anyway, because [Syranthir] wouldn't have
> > >been trying to imitate the early seshnelan pagans/henotheists?

> > I don't see how you arrive at this conclusion considering the
> > Carmanians now worship Pagan Gods.

>What the Carmanians do *now* is a result of what they did *then*.

Yes, but I do not see how you can conclude that Syranthir can not have been trying to imitate the Froalar/Seshna saga on the grounds that they were pagans and he was not. Prophets usually do not come down from the Mountain and say "Y'know that stuff I told you about why we have to be monotheists at all costs? It looks as though I might have been wrong...". If anything, the outcome of his quest indicates to me that he had unresolved questions about his religion before he went on the quest.

>Many of Syranthir's men appear to have been pagan, but I thought we had
>established that Syranthir himself was not (more similar to modern Fronela
>than Ralios).

The comparison was made with respect to the religious beliefs of *Loskalm* then rather than Syranthir's actual beliefs, which is largely an enigma and will probably remain so. All we can know is that he knew the God Learners were ultimately wrong and that his belief in Irensavel was ultimately right. Everything else was lost in his spiritual turmoil.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #481

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