Re: The Center of the Great Lake

From: Kevin P. McDonald <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 09:47:23 -0400

Terra writes:

> I prefer Medieval Style and Ancient Esoteric Style, but I guess Nick Brooke' s concept of Carmanos maybe similar to Moses, (He returned back from Mountain (Sinai?) with Stone Tablet..)

Now that you mention it, Lake Oronin is as deep as ancient Mt Turos was tall. It is something like an inverse image of the holy mountain after the great battle between fire and water. This has obvious mystical overtones, but I am not sure exactly what the ramifications are. Water, mirrors, reflectons, fog, shadows, mystery, ect

> In contrary, I wrote his Image such like Indian Krishna (Child God) and Zoroaster (He was born and didn't cry as the Ordinary Baby. He smiled for the Wonder of Beauty of the World...)

I took a stab at learning about Zoroastrianism through web-surfing, but didn't have much luck. Can anyone recommend a good book on the subject? From the little I have read, there are a lot of connections between Carmanian Dualism and Zoroastrianism - intentional, I am sure. I would love to learn more.


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