Re: Hon-eel Maize Quest vs Miller Quest (from HW list)

From: Charles Corrigan <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:34:59 +0100

Peter Metcalfe
> > > Why? HonEel rescues Sinoda by killing Alanthore and gets corn.
> > > Without her intervention, Sinoda gets killed and the crop
> > > fails. Alanthore's death is necessary for HonEel's corn rite to
> > > succeed and for that reason, the people who play him
> > > ("convicted criminals, madmen, or impoverished down-and-outs"
> > > Glorantha:Intro pp102) are victims.

> >There is absolutely no reason why factions should not have varying
> >interpretations of the same event.

> I haven't seen anything about divisions among the corn ritualists
> and the only known dispute is between those who support it and
> those who want it suppressed. I don't believe mythic events are
> as mutable in terms of viewpoint as you imply.

I don't believe that the core power behind the myth is mutable but I do belive that the interpretaion is in the eye of the user/believer in Glorantha (and I am much less of a solipsist than I used to be, though my last conversation with Greg started me back down that route again).

The Tarshites will modify this externally imposed myth in ways that suit their own cultural beliefs (as Ian Cooper has already described in his earlier posting). So the core power being accessed remains the original (already heavily disguised and modified) Blood Sun, but the names and precise definition of roles of the participants can be somewhat moved around.

> >Otherwise we get back into the
> >one true Glorantha debates. Perhaps this is better discussed on the
> >GD.

> I do believe it permissible to give background as to why things were
> written in a particular way.

I didn't realise that you were the author of this myth at the time I wrote this (thanks Nick!). Perhaps I am just biased having played Ian's excellent scenario where my character was on the field as a sacrifice and took an unexpected, unorthodox and high risk way out of his predicament.


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