Humakt and Uz.

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 23:02:08 -0500

Simon Hibbs says:

>Would argue that just as the city of Alkoth is part of the underworld,
>so by definition if Kyger Litor were to manifest in the surface world,
>she would bring hell with her. The nature of the world would by
>necessity have to change for allow it to happen.
>This is what is going on in the Hero Wars. As heroes call forth mythic
>forces into the world, they change the structure of the cosmos in
>dangerous and poorly understood ways.

        All good points, but I think the Underworld is even more different that you paint it. The Underworld descends to the Primal Darkness where things are undifferentiated. This is why Kygor Litor can be the vast number of things she is. The gods of death are all fearsome, not only because death is scary, but because they are in the Underworld and they have to keep themselves themselves. Similarly, where Kygor Litor comes to earth, it's not only a question of people dying of fright and getting eaten and stuff, but there's also the danger of losing your way in the darkness and becoming undifferentiated. Humakt separates the Living and the Dead in a way that Zorak Zoran does not because Uz don't necessarily care about those distinctions as much. They are used to living with the ambiguities of Darkness.

>Peter Larsen :

>> Is He? His followers claim that His Sword Hall encompasses the
>>Underworld (Storm Tribe, p.89), but Kygor Litor, Shargash,
>Deshkorgos, and
>>others might object to this...
>You're mixing mythologies again.

        Well, OK, fine. You've got me there. But my point, what is True for Humakti may be less so for Heortlings and not True (or meaningless) for other cultures, is valid. Or so I think.

Peter Larsen

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