Corn rites

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 22:19:46 +1200

Charles Corrigan:

> > I don't believe mythic events are
> > as mutable in terms of viewpoint as you imply.

>I don't believe that the core power behind the myth is mutable but I do
>belive that the interpretaion is in the eye of the user/believer in
>Glorantha (and I am much less of a solipsist than I used to be, though my
>last conversation with Greg started me back down that route again).

IMO differences in interpretation really involve different understandings of what one sees in the God Plane. For example is the largest mountain in the Storm Realm KeroFin or Top of the World? Changes in the myth such that a different person gets killed are really different myths rather than interpretations. They occur but the result of the myth is different. Hence my doubts that the Tarshites can so change the basic myth to fit their cultural purposes.

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