USA and EWF???

Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 13:09:22 -0400 (EDT)

> himself called on his Supporters in Luathela.) I can find many similarities
> between Orlanthi attitude to freedom and that of USAs. (Violence is always
> an option.)

Actually, that's similar to all modern powerful countries. I cannot think of a single major power that does not subscribe to "Violence is always an option."

> hypothesis of split Future of USA, after USA Civil War, (I cannot believe
> the existence of any country who has only "one" CIVIL WAR in history.) AFAIK

Canada has had no civil wars. And actually the USA was founded as the result of a civil war, although we call it a "revolution".

> Americans prefer contractions and initials as Roman Empire SPQR because they
> think they are in a sense their successors, I know many Gloranthans debated

We aren't the world leaders in contractions and abbreviations. The British lead us a great deal in that area. For example, all of us yanks in the lab were talking about "edible vaccines". It was a commonwealth type who came up with "Edvax", and we all immediately decided to keep using "edible vaccines" as our terminology. Even the Ozzies in the lab thought that "edvax" was far too English for their taste.

> how they could distribute Orlanthi of many regions (Ralian, Talastari,
> Heortling, etc...), to RW each Ancient Europian parallels (Who uses
> Bagpipes?). But USA characteristics of each Areas maybe more emphasized for
> Greg Stafford is a USA citizen.

You're insisting far too much on a literal correspondence. Sometimes, a fiction could actually be fictional.

> the back of the bill 1 Dollar, One Eyed Pyramid and their Magic of Free
> Masonry (Novus Ordo Seclorum), the God of Reason. (God Learners?) Anyway,

Oboy, you're at least a century too late for that conspiracy theory to get any credence except for people who believe that the X-Files are a documentary.

> Heros in the Legend, that will be interesting analogy...British Empire has
> great resemblance to God Learners...And if I can twist this argument
> enough..

Twist is a good word to use. I could likewise start with a lack of knowledge about Japanese history and twist it to be the EWF...

> About Godlearners & Argalis
> I have tried to understand many writings of Greg Stafford for Malkionism
> like a Byzantine Theologician...(but I should confess I cannot still

If you try to understand it that way, you will understand nothing. I'm an Orthodox Christian, and I can assure you from familiarity with "Byzantine" theologians that there is no special resemblence between Malkionism in any of its forms and the Christianity of the "Byzantines". If it resembles any form of Christianity, it is that of Western Medieval Europe.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #495

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