Re: Arkat and EWF

Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 17:30:28 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you to both Peter and Keith.

Boy am I mis-remembering. I thought I had read on the digest once that the EWF created Nyslor. Something about creating a new god of light. That was the one of the reasons for the Uz to pull out. If it wasnít the EWF, then who?

>The Praxians were intent on looting Dragon Pass and had been
>hostile to the EWF as they had defiled Prax.
> - [snip] - I do not think Sun County was
>trying to help humans, it went to DP to plunder, and to destroy dragons.

Ah, the ever popular reason of Greed. That was one expedition that ended in the red.

I have always assumed that the invading armies thought they had very powerful magic or were completely taken by surprise of the presence of true dragons. With the consideration of Greed and being aggressors, I am betting they didnít realize the disaster they were running to.

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