Really big gods

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 22:10:32 -0500

Herve Ancelin says:

>IIRC (talking about Uleria with Greg, Alex and Nick at last Tentacles) it
>seems that merely liking somebody or something is worshipping Uleria.

        But I'm not sure the priests, sorcerors, and shaman who interact with this Univeral Uleria would recogize the unity of their "deity." Peter Metcalfe may be right, "Universal Orlanth" (who is Air) may exist, but with so many masks (of which "Orlanth" is just one (although a very important one)) that assembling them into the shape of this Universal Air would drive anyone except the Godlearners absolutely mad (and they were already loopy). Probably Lokamayadon was the only guy who had a shot at seeing the True Shape of Air, and we all know what happened to him, right?

        From the point of anyone except the divine Narrator (and the posters on the list), this is the most insane speculation. Even the Dsciples of Orlanth know who they worship, and it's Orlanth.

Peter Larsen

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