Humakt Vs. Chaos :

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 10:11:28 -0000

Roderick and Ellen Robertson :

>I think your main suppostition is flawed: Chaos is *not* random
>intermingling - remember that gods killed by chaos are *gone*, not
>distributed about the cosmos or randomly assimliated into the Chaos
Borg or
>anything of that sort - its as if they never existed. Yes, there are
>chaos things that are random interminglings, and some that are so
>*one* thing that they have no room for other natures. Some
chaos "gods"
>embrace one set of values (Malia and Disease frex), others are so
>that they can't be said to "embrace" anything.

That's the way I see it. Chaos operates on a different axis to Life/Death. Chaos mutation is a physical manifestation of the chaotic process of dissolution of identity and meaning. The self becomes not-self, which becomes nothing.

Stephen Tempest :

> That would also be why Humakti hate undead - they are an unliving
> reminder of the Greater Darkness, and their continued existence
> threatens to weaken the barriers and return us all to that time. I
> suspect that to a true Humakt worshipper, all undead are
> Chaos-tainted, even those created by cults which claim to oppose
> themselves.

Undead occured during the Dark Age, which is an earlier myth than invasion of the world by chaos. Vivamort sacrificed his soul to chaos in order to save his spirit from death, but there's no intrinsic mythic link between undeath and chaos. Humakti would surely know this. Also, undead can be returned to the grave and put back in their place. Chaotics can't.

Simon Hibbs

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