Great Gods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 20:39:24 +1200

Peter Larsen:

>OK, fine, but I don't think you'll get worshippers of the gods
>admitting that [Orlanth is a Great God]

The Orlanthi do as did the God Learners.

>My point here is not what is Cosmically True, but
>what the majority of people in theist Glorantha think.

Statements about whether Orlanth or Humakt are Great Gods are statements about Cosmology, since the definition so far only occurs in rules rather than in-voice gloranthan writings.

>Persumably worship of Doburdun is not "nourishing" to Orlanth
>(or does it really badly), or it wouldn't be doing the Lunars
>any good....

You are presuming that the Lunars are _aware_ of this nourishing effect. I fail to see why they should know this if they don't believe Orlanth is the Great God of Air.

>I can't imagine that the Lunars would set out to drive
>Orlanth from the Middle Air if it couldn't be done.

Because they don't know that it can't be done? It's like saying "I can't imagine that the Alchemists would set out to turn base metal into gold if it couldn't be done."

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