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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 20:19:05 +0200

>>As I understand it, any interaction with Air, even building a windmill,
>>is a worship of Orlanth.
>>This is because Orlanth is a Great God aka holder of Primal Rune.

Peter Larsen
>OK, fine, but I don't think you'll get worshippers of the gods
>admitting that. My point here is not what is Cosmically True, but what
>the majority of people in theist Glorantha think.
>Persumably worship of Doburdun is not "nourishing" to Orlanth (or does
>it really badly), or it wouldn't be doing the Lunars any good.... I
>can't imagine that the Lunars would set out to drive Orlanth from the
>Middle Air if it couldn't be done.

One possibility is that they don't know they can't. Another is that they know that they have to remake the world to succeed. In the last case, it means to stop time but it has already be done twice and they did it the second time (at Castle Blue).


>Argrath hardly counts as a "regular Joe Orlanthi." Kallyr is pretty
>special, too, although there's no evidence that I can think of that she
>was a particularly spectacular heroquester (she was no slouch, but not
>a nut like Argrath or the Godlearners). The vast majority of Yelm and Elmal
>worshippers (in my opinion) see a sharp distinction between them, whether
>they are all one on some level or not. And by vast majority, I mean nearly
>all priests, sages, heroes, etc. This isn't a cult secret; it's a hidden
>side of the universe, the Gloranthan equivalent of 10 dimentional

I agree. It makes sense that worshippers of a god who is an aspect of a Great God do not realize it. If they acknowledge it, that upset the balance of power between cults in the community.

I wonder who in Glorantha know the primal runes (for what they are) and the gods holding them.

To come back to the relation between Great Gods and communities, the division in aspects devoted to social categories is a consequence of mortal inability to worship all aspects although they don't realize it. This does not mean that a normal God has only one kind of worshippers but they all have access to the same magic.

Hervé Ancelin

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