Replacing Orlanth, Humakt and Elmal

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:17:38 +1200

Peter Larsen:

> >Even if the Lunars think what you say they do (they don't),
> >they _cannot_ have their way simply because the Cosmic
> >order can't be changed.

>The Red Goddess is in contention for Rulership of the Middle

There is a big difference between ruling the space between heaven and earth and ruling the element of air. The Lunars are actually attempting to rule "the Middle Heavens" CoP p40.

> >>Was Urnbudud killed by Shargash?

> >That makes as much sense as asking whether Humakt killed Death.

>Well, if Humakt appears in Pelorian mythology as Urnbudud,
>wouldn't that make him part of all the gods, etc. killed by
>Shargash before he died himself?

If Urbudud/Humakt is Death (or at least its theistic manifestation, then how can Shargash kill it let alone die after killing it?

> >That's correct. Elmal is not Yelm even though Yelm is the
> >Great God of Elmal's element. This is no different from
> >Urox not being Orlanth even though Orlanth is the Great God
> >of Urox's element.

>But Urox is _a_ wind while Orlanth rules all the winds. Elmal
>and Yelm are both the Sun.

Yes. But the Orlanthi deny Yelm as the Sun and vice versa. They probably have no one way of explaining the Sun worship of the Pelorians. From Storm Tribe, they could say that the Pelorians worship the sacred torch that Orlanth bore from the Underworld and which Elmal now carries. But there is no easy way for an Elmali to investigate this problem without seemingly converting.

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