Re: God Learners

From: David Dunham <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:55:17 -0700

Barry Blatt

> 3) Convert them to Malkionism. Send in the missionaries, show these poor
> ignorant folk the spiritual benefits of being part of the great bortherhood
> of peoples under the One True God. Slontos? The follow up phases of the
> Return to Rightness Crusade?

My reading of the Return to Rightness was that it was not so much missionary as reformist -- its focus was on places which already knew Malkion.

> 4) Create a manipulable theist/mystical religion under Imperial control.
> Possibly combined with the above, the missionary message being that 'we all
> believe in the same things really...' Very similar to modern attempts by the
> Lunars to suppress the Orlanthi using Pelorian storm gods, but with a more
> deliberately synthetic element. Caladraland? Kralorela?

I'm not sure what happened in Umathela was quite the same thing, but it's pretty clear that there was lots of social/religious experimenting going on with the storm barbarians there. - --

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