Primal Runes

Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:50:46 +0200

>>I wonder who in Glorantha know the primal runes (for what they are) and the
>>gods holding them.

Peter Metcalfe
>The God Learners knew the thirty core runes (HW:RiG p160-2) and
>I've already quoted about a Jonstown Compendium Entry that speaks
>of the Gods who can't be killed without destroying the Cosmos.

They likely determined the holders in the process. Their list must be the list
that you mentioned in v8#496. The Goddess Switch must have been part of this
reseach program.

In this perspective, it logically does not mentions the 6th elemental rune which was inserted in the world after the GL downfall.

Peter Larsen
>If there is a Supreme Power of Death, it's more than Humakt. If there is a
>Supreme Power of Air, it has to cover more than what the Orlanthi worship.

That is what the GLs called the Death and Air Primal Runes.

The list gives the Great Gods names in the culture for which the god has the
greatest importance. IMO it's because those cults have a better approach to one
primal rune and thus more magical power (which is the interesting point for GLs).

So Orlanth is called Great God holding the Air Rune because no other cult has
a better mastery of Air powers. Same for Humakt.

So "Humakt is Death" is an Humakti or Heortling POV but they can "prove" it to
any other theist who believe otherwise because they have a better grasp of the
Cosmic Truth.

Some primal runes are more useful to community stability (Air, Sky, Earth) than
others (Illusion, Death). This explains why some Great Gods have few worshipers
like the Tricksters or specialized in a particular field like the Humakti.

However no cults knows that their god is a Great God. Only outside observers
can determine it.

Hervé Ancelin

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