More Elmal, Yelmalio & Yelm

Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:53:13 -0000

Peter Larsen :

> I'm having a hard time following this thread. First there were
>Texas resident Ducks and now Ducks masquerading in some way as Scots-
>housewives and tossing crockery. The Humanity!

I think it's an Alex thing. He has this effect on people sometimes.

> But this is my point. Urox and Orlanth are separate things (at
>least on some level; they are both Air), and Elmal and Yelm are also
>separate things, despite both being the Sun. Elmal isn't a face,
>avatar of Yelm, so the essential concept of Sun-ness must be
>"above" both of them.

Yet still part of them. They have no existence seperate from the sun. This is what the God Learners were saying with their sophisticated grand unified theories of runic association and hierarchy.

If you want to directly manipulate the power of Sun-ness in ways that are not restricted to mythologicaly correct forms, then you realy should try converting to Malkionism, and give up all this pagan personification rubbish. It's all far too constraining for a rational fellow like yourself.

Simon Hibbs

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