Elmal and Yelm

From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_mail.utexas.edu>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:10:37 -0500

Simon Hibbs says to

>>Elmal and Yelm are also
>>separate things, despite both being the Sun. Elmal isn't a face,
>>avatar of Yelm, so the essential concept of Sun-ness must be
>>"above" both of them.
>Yet still part of them. They have no existence seperate from the sun.
>This is what the God Learners were saying with their sophisticated
>grand unified theories of runic association and hierarchy.

        I don't have any problem with this. And I don't think an Elmali would have any trouble snorting at some raving Yelmite and going about his business. Clearly, theya re different gods. But, if the Elmali tries to get to the bottom of the problem (as per Mr. Metcalfe), he's going to have to swim awfully hard not to get buried by the far more developed Solar philosophies of the Dara Happa. They have already staked out most of the "mystical" theoretical terrain.

>If you want to directly manipulate the power of Sun-ness in ways
>that are not restricted to mythologicaly correct forms, then you realy
>should try converting to Malkionism, and give up all this pagan
>personification rubbish. It's all far too constraining for a rational
>fellow like yourself.

        I'm thinking of retiring to a tower and burning my eyes out in pure mystic contemplation of Dayzatar. Texas is a good place for that. Except Heler and Orlanth are in town for the week....

Peter Larsen

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