Need for Death

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 14:16:41 +1200

Peter Larsen:

>The problem with death (now there's a sentence!) is that its more
>universal than some of the other things. The Dara Happa could say
>"We are a Big Sun people; we have a Big Sun God and a little Storm
>God." The Orlanthi can say the reverse. But they both "need" death
>pretty much equally.

i.e. they both need to have Death cultists in their society like they need an extra hole in the head. The Orlanthi are unusual in that they tolerate Humakt worshippers in their society whereas the Dara Happans take the saner course of treating him as an enemy god. Almost the reverse is true in the case of Shargash.

The need to worship Death is not the same thing as the need to worship Sun and Storm. The first can be treated as an enemy god while the other two must be considered positively if people have to eat.

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