From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 11:56:36 +1200

Alex Ferguson:

> > Death and Destruction are distinguished on their core runes
> > list.

>Destruction isn't on the list of Core Runes in HW:RiG,

Annihilation/Void however is in the list of the Five Movements. And just to forestall the kneejerk reaction "that's chaos, innit?", the Malkioni associate the runic sequence with the making of the world and the annihilation rune corresponds to Malkion's sacrifice, a good thing.

>While Shargash has his own rune, I'd have said that Shargash's
>primary "core rune" association was clearly Death.

Shargash however is both a Great God and not Humakt. Even his "death" is not separation and division (ST p90) but universal destruction. So I do not believe his core nature corresponds to Death.

>Since neither "Shargash" (or indeed "Tolat") or "Destruction" appear
>on the RQ3 list of Great Runes and Greater Gods, you're implicitly
>appealing, it would seem, to the RQ3 definition of "Greater God",
>modified/extended to the HW rune list.

I have said from the beginning that the RQ3 list is incomplete when it comes to Pelorians and other non-Orlanthi pantheons.

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