Great and Lesser Gods

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 22:17:17 +1200

Chris Lemens:

> > If there were worshippers of a Lesser Sun God in and
> > around Teshnos (perhaps among the Yellow Elves),
> > they will acknowledge their god's inferiority to Somash
> > but will have some valid reason for not worshipping
> > Somash.

>Wow. I can't see this. It is contrary to human
>psychology (let alone Aldryami) to recognize any
>person's culture as better than your own, absent
>forcible proof.

I didn't say culture, I specified _a_ god and the sense of inferiority was in the sense of being weaker than another god in a particular area, not an overall inferiority in gods (and certainly not culture!).

>As an alternative example (one that helps prove my
>point, of course), consider Orlanth and Storm Bull for
>a Praxian.

A bad example to use. We have been talking about theistic cultures yet the Praxians are animist and play by different rules.

>(And yes, I do recognize that you are
>arguing that the great gods are the ultimate
>_theistic_ expression of the runes they hold and the
>Praxians are _animists_, but I do not (yet?) see how
>that makes a difference.)

There can only be one great god of a given rune and any theist that investigates the cosmos will recognize the great god behind a given manifestation. However animists, because they use different magics, will not make this recognition.

Hence Praxians won't recognize Orlanth as the source of Storm and thus they won't recognize Storm Bull as being weaker in storm than Orlanth.

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