Mystical otherworld

From: Nils Weinander <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 16:45:54 +0200

> This is another piece of evidence for my pet theory that the Mundane world
> was originally the Mystical otherworld. Other pieces of evidence are:
> - - there is no Mystical otherworld and no explanation for why not
> - - the Mundane world is not really explained as how it came into an existence
> separate from the otherworlds (though I did miss Tentacles where I
> understand that Greg spoke about the various worlds of Glorantha)
> - - there is the previous myth of the month "How Vith Pacified the Antigods"
> which explains how Vith (of the East) is greater than the Great Priest of
> the North, the Great Sorcerer of the West and the Great Shaman of the South

Cool theory. There is however an explanation why there is no mystical otherworld. The transcendent/absolute/ultimate exists beyond all otherworlds. All religions have some relation to it, through their otherworld. Mystics teach that there is a personal path to the ultimate and that it does not go through the otherworlds, these are rather distractions that you should bypass.

Nils Weinander
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