The Arming of Orlanth

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Too much time is required for Arming of Orlanth, Tomorrow, I will raid Issaies Inc.

Memorandum on Eastern World of Glorantha

 This Memorundum is Only for Outlines, and involves possibility of many conjecture and errors without proof. (For example, I cannot say I understand the correspondence of each cycles of Vithela and Gods Age of Dara Happa, and Heortling.)

 This Rough Report about Gloranthan East is firstly written by Zebraface aka Terra Incognita known by digesters. Mr. Tadaaki Kakegawa aka (Yel-) Malion greatly helped with revealing many materials (and leaking Secrets of GTA members (sigh)) and edited Website Article for illuminating Japanese Glorantha Fans.

 Zebraface owes full responsibility for translating original Japanese into English Version and influence that will cause, he translates it just before Interview with Greg Stafford because he thinks he can show it as a Gift.

Cultural Spheres

 As you know, Eastern World can be divided into several spheres, and Shared View of the World and Culture, Cultures which hold bigger locality are combined into One category. Partition appeared below is rough, and each parts can be divided into smaller areas. Mysticism is common, but approaches to this concept colour the Locality.

 Once, Gloranthan Central World was Sole One Great Continent which was surrounded by circulating Ring-flowed River (aka Sramake for God Learners), and There was Great Mountaintop standing in the Center of the Continent called Imadsalash by Vithelan Mythology, called Spike by Godlearners. There was Mountain Chains crossed the Continent from North to South. After many submergences by Catastrphies, Lands have split into many parts. Remnants of the great mountain chains came to ShanShan Mountains (Sensan mountains, by Vithelan Pronunciation) and many streams flew in and became Oceans and Seas.

Human Races


 The Land originated Kralorelans (yellow-skinned people) at Ancient Period.
(There is Land of Gate of Dawn Theyela farther to East.) It insists on
itself as the Center of Whole of Eastern World, and it possesses the mythology keeping up this doctrine. (That is Greg Stafford's recent Works
(2000).) But these Mythology are that of Very Ancient Times and God Age, so
it will rouse scepticism how the modern 17 C Gloranthans of Near Area would be familiar with that. (This situation is similar to that of GROY and Entekosiad in Pelorian Trilogy) This Land is closer to Hero Plane-Otherside, and very magically instilled. So this sphere is not for mortal humans to live.

Eastern Archipelago Empire

 The Isles which gained Overwhelming Naval Force and Heros have ruled over Near Oceans such as Empire of Hero Jesolo in First Age, Golden Mokatan Empire of Second Age, Commonwealth of Halagara in Third Age. In these islands, Awaking Magicians and Dream Magic have set territory as the sect of Mysticism though Vithelan Mythology avoided as magic of Antigod Avanapdur. But Mythological System to Vithelan High Gods have not been lost even if it is in the condition of Weakness. (Theism to each of petty Islandish Deities are considered relatively harmless by dominant but minor influence of Mystical Idealism.)


Because of their isolation policy, their (nortorius both for Real Gloranthan Residents near of the Islands and RW Glorantha Fans) Color Magic, features of Culture and outlook of the World are almost unknown for most Glorantha Residents of Near Areas. But mysticism Sect have been handed down from Ancient Age keeps Influence such as that of Sage Nenduren. (Enrono was famous Local Mystic Name) We can easily guess their Warrior Class (Samurai) as Strong Power in their Society.

Valkarist Malkionism

 One Malkioni Sect which has held influence in Northwest Area (South of Vormain) of Eastern Isles. They are derived from Western Cultural Sphere of Sorcery, so from the view of Easterners, naturally they are under the influence of Antigods.

The Zone of Nexus between Genertelan Continent and Vithela


 In Kralori Empire, Dragon Magic thrives and it is Heretical Sect from the point of view of Vithelans. by the Vithelan sense of value, Kralori have made Originality of World View by making Centralized System of control, combination of mandarinic Draconic Magic and Mysticism. But from the point of view of Kralori, even other Vithelan Nations abandoned draconic truth, they have only kept Ancient orthodox Teaching. (We cannot say which side is right or wrong.) And reverence to successive Dragon Emperors, theistic worship to the sort of Pelorian Dendara, Gorgorma, Yelm (though they were called by other kralori names) show development different from that of Vithelans.


 This country should be categorized to another linguistic group area different from various kralorelan yellow stock derived from Vithela. Many Residents who have unique ethnicity have lived (Nota Bene: "Loper" lived in Melib Island, they rode animal which possesses teleportation? ability bestowed by Blue Moon Worship. Linguistically, odd residents of Teleos have connected to Teshnans.) and they have many mythology which don't share the eastern mystical view. (FREX, City of Glass, Sword of Artmal) Worship to heavenly bodies and sacred fire keep strong influence and have similarity to Pelorian Religion. Sect of Mysticism is relatively weaker (or absorbed to other traditions such like idea of reincanation) than these concepts. But there are still many shared myths, invasion of Antigod Sekever can be fit into these cases.

Other Intelligent Races

Hsunchen (Shapechanger Human)

 Ratuki (Shark People) lived in Island Tamanjary which located between Vormain and Valkaro Isles. But it was sunk by attack of Waertagi in First Age. Today they have earned living by piracy. People of Orca (Latin: killer whale) reveres Thrunhin Dah to gain Power surpassing over merfolk Zabdamar. In the zone of ShanShan Mountain, many shapechanging race have lived, they were exploited by Godlearnish New Dragon Ring against Kralorelans in Second Age. Myth of legendary Dragon-Hsunchen (In this Kralorelan Heretical theory, Dragon Emperors were brought from this race.) was utilized by them. IMHO, they used the mythological pedigree originated from Dragon Hykim (Hsunchens call it Korgatsu), Ancestor of All Animals.

 Elf (Aldryami)

 Generally speaking, elves exist where the forest and trees can be found such as Teshnan Fethlon. They relatively hold their attitude to human by friendly, or at least neutral disregarding. Culturally, AFAIK they show no difference to the elven kingdoms of other areas.


 Race of Half-Bird. They have humanoid-style hands instead of wings. They are closely related to Genertelan Duck (Durulz). (But many species of non intelligent birds are corresponded to various Keet Species more than Duck and Durulz.) They lived in the southeastern Continent of Togaro Ocean, but it was sunk by the antaginistic Sea Gods. There is a Great Epic which describes their Exodus. They are fond of Dream Magic.

Zabdamar Merfolk

 This merfolk race has unique origin different from other piscoi and cetoi merfolks. "Missing Land" carried the mythology which explain why they take Goddess Harantara the master of Sea Kahar as their mother. They warred against Kralorelan Orca Shapechangers. (Please read about head of Hsunchens for this contradiction.)


 They inhabit Isle of Wonder (Hum Chang) in Kralorela, and one Isle of East Sea. Perhaps they are all barbarian Dragonewts and have no inhuman king, but IMO, they may have some connection to Kralori Draconic Society.

 Races of Antigods


 Evil Demon Humanoid Race, their king is Antigod Bandan.


 Dwarvish Small Humanoid. (Evil)


 Evil Specters. Their leader is Antigoddess Arlu. (Mother of Oorsu Sara)


 Shapechanger Race. Their Master is Antigod Avanapdur.

Dwarf (Mostali)

 Dwarves seem to be avoided in Vithelan Mythology as a race of Western Logician, in other words, a faction of Antigods. Babadi is the Vithelan Name for Octamonist Diamond Mountain Mostali.


 Fallen Angel Race fell from heaven by the war of Herespur. They hate the World for recalling lost things.

Mysticism Note

Teachers and Disciples

 Mystics receive training by their teachers. The Tree of their school connections is very important to understand Eastern Mythology. Ooduren is their First Founder in Vithelan Mithology, but Kralori, Vormaino and Teshnan perhaps don't believe that.

 Divine Races also founded such connections as:

Ooduren / Korudel Star Generator, three Vithelan Mystic, Vith / Antigod Dogsalu,
Govemeranen / Wargod Enevar
Ven Forn / Kendaramin Polestar.

 In God Age, three Sages contested each of their supremacy against others for understanding Status of Ooduren, their names are Nenduren, Larn Hasamador (Buddhism?) and Mashunasan (Tantric Yogism?). (Don't confuse them with Three Sages of Mokatan Empire.) Among them, most important in Vithelan Mythology is Mashunasan. He liquidated World Demon Lord Oorsu Sara with his Jerema Madoon aka Liberation Bolt. (It is personified principle, not God.
(Please don't ask me the meaning of these words!)), he enlightened Western
Barbarous God Kahar and let him marry with Harantara, and he saw through the deceit of Avanapdur and expelled him to Dream World. And by his force of mercy, Dream Magic became significant by his Oren Parond. (Dream Magicians call it Thella.)

 Some Important Mystics existed in other Areas, but they are all disciples of the Three Sages from the point of view of Vithela. This category includes NyangMao (Jainism?) of Kralorela, Kerendek of Keets, Enrono of Vormain, Chal of Teshnos. And Kralorelan Emperors (Lama-Buddhism?) can also be included in a broad sense.

 Gods and Antigods

 Mysticism is method to unify students to Eternal and Indestructible from Illusion beyond Time and Space (which is called in Vithelan as Atrilith
(Perfection?) and Durapdur, or DuraPradur (Transcendence?)) by meditation
and other measures. Gods who against this Goal are called Antigods. (But they often gain Stronger Force than Gods in material world.) In Vithelan mythology, some existence gave up ther status of Antigods for becoming a disciple to a admirable mysticism teacher or forced to do so, (and this process is reversible.) But in mythology, their homeland are ususally positioned in Northland (I think this has similarity to Tolkien's Silmarillion), Westernland (more precisely, beyond ShanShan Mountain) or Hell. Sea Gods are often regarded as Antigods by Landfolks.

Dream Magic

 This idea is coming from Tales of the Reaching Moon #17 and so on fanzines.
(It is not Idea of Greg Stafford.) It conceives Shadow World just backing
the reverse of material world, and AFAIK if these magicians drew out too much energies from shadows, they will take a risk to be absorbed by Shadows. The Style of Magic is similar to that of Spirit Magic, but it is stronger than that, and it is not available except Area of Eastern Isles.

Marshal Arts

 Contempt to Flesh have often appeared in RW Fundamentalistic Religions. In Glorantha, One Sect of Mysticism, Darja Danad adopted the theory which suggests reinforcement of Body will intensify spirit, too. He preached the Worship of Kabalt, God of Liberation Bolt. (IMHO, that is a sort of effect of Japanimation or HongKong Movie which is perceived as Spiritual Missile.) And in the process of history, division to Mysticism among Animism, Theism and Sorcery toward Dissolution as Status of Harmony (or Eclectical). (In fragment of Mythology, Korudel adopted Spirit Worship and made Star World.)

 And it is not difficult to guess that Gods have also adopted Discipline of Marshal Arts, but such worship to the sort of Gods contains to that of Antigods...(Akorgat and Herespur.) IMO, this idea is come from that Flesh is easier to target of Depravity than Spirit.

Makeup of Gods

 As Nysalor in First Age and Zistor in Second Age of Genertela, sometimes Ancient Eastern World have tried to makeup Genesis of Gods. (Avanapdur, etc...) They are all in a some sense, a factor which collapses the Balance of Cosmos. (And they are all destroyed.)


 These Cycles are all concluded by a great war, triumph of justice and mysticism and defeat of Antigods. Even though evil temporalily thrives, this is providence of the world.

Creation Cycle

 Ten High Gods (Godlearners identified them with Orlanthi Celestial Courts and Dara Happan Glorantay.) was born. A gamble of a sea goddess and a land goddess created Seas and Islands. Evil Dragon Dogsalu was defeated by the magical conch shell of Vith (For God Learners, Aether), and wedded with Goddess Yothenara, Govemeranen (For God Learners, Yelm) was given birth by this connection. By Godlearner Difinition, this Age is from Creation to Green Age.

High God Cycle

 Rule of Vith. Antigods plotted to rule over the World, and they had Robber Goddess Sedsaru steal the magical Conch Shell. For their misusing of it, City of God fell before their Army, and Vith escaped to Heaven. Enevar, born from mind of Vith, practised asceticism under tutelage of Govmeranen (though he was a member of Antigod Family...) was taught the weakpoint of the Leader of Antigod, Keltari. Antigods became anxious his power, they tried to defend them by making Ditch into Sea, Lands into Isles. Anyway their effort was useless. Golden Age.

God Cycle

 Rule of Govmeranen. Goddess Arlu gave birth to World Demon Lord Oorsu Sara, and he ruled Three World. (Heaven, Underworld and Surface) Oorsu Sara temporalily submitted by Sage Nenduren, but Demon Lord found a magical mask and destroyed his teacher. At last it was Liberation Bolt (Jerema Madoon) of Mashnasan that killed him. And Nexus of Kralorela, Vormain and Teshnos was cut off by Sea gods, and Emperor Osdero = Metsyla who ruled these Area was drowned.

Demigod Cycle

 For Godlearners, Storm Age and Great Darkness? After War of Oorsu Sara, Demigods those who were children of Elemental Gods gathered and made hunt of remaining Antigods. This is called "Happy Conquest". But Remained Servants of Oorsu Sara Tali struck back, for their New Master Avanapdur secretly helped them. That is "Atrocity War". Dream God Avanapdur made form Human let Sky Tyrant Akorgat conquer Sky World, Master of Huan Too Sekever attack Kralorela through his servant Demigod Herespur. Black Sun rose to Sky World and city Churenpur fell from Sky, Imadsalash exploded. Avanapdur deceived people for he put up a job as he defeated them in his homeland. Mashunasan could see through his deceive, and expelled him to Dream World. (Maybe that incident could be identified to Cosmic Compromise of Orlanthi for the Impact?) And lands of Worshippers of Avanapdur sank under the wave.

Human Cycle

 Grey Age? Janadi the Engulfer (Once he was a servant of Oorsu Sara (IMHO Similar to connection of Morgoth and Sauron), but dismembered by Darja Danad in War of Bolt of Atrocity War.) He got new body made by Human (Maybe Creation of Nysalor and Rufelza are imitation of this act?) and fought against Heros in this Age again.

 In Kralorela, Sekever was taught Marshal Arts from Herespur, and attacked Teshnos and Vormain. After Banishment of Avanapdur by Mashunasan, Martial Artists, disciples of Darja Danad started to counterattack. Sekever was killed by Emperor Vayobi.

 Eventually, Janadi was destroyed in the North Homeland of Antigods, Sortum. Survived Antigods escaped to Western World beyond the World Mountain.
(Demonlord Bandan and Goddess Arlu divided among themselves....)

First Age

 Pamaltelan Sea Antigod Debaday was once an enemy of Keet, and he fought against profligate Sea Hero Jesolo and was killed. Waertagi and Empire of Jesolo were friedly in this age and held a trade communication. In Kralorela, emperor Yanoor ruled.

Second Age

Reign of Isle Mokato and her three Sages. End of prosperity of Mokatan Empire was concluded by the loyal submission to their Island God Hobimarong. Sage ShangSha used the mystery of Reincarnation, birthed to EWF as hero Jerem, and Seshnela as Gilam de Estau, in this process he corrupted and became Worst Antigod. For this consequence, Kralorela and Teshnos were temporalily conquered by Godlearners and New Dragon Ring. But they were finally to fall before the counterattack of Natives. And ocean traffic was closed by the Closing. Though Small Ship could be used among in the small island Easterners.

Third Age

A chieftain of Pentan Nomad, named Sheng Seleris was seduced by Evil God Zolathi under the torture of Kralori and converted to the status of Antigod. He for a short while built a Great Empire including Kralorela and Dara Happa in Genertela. But he was defeated by Western Red Moonies.

And by recent Opening of Dormal, Haragala rose as Great Naval Power and by guide of their Island God.

End of Memorundum.

I hope the meeting of me and Greg Stafford will not be like the last meeting of Al-Mansur and Abu-Muslim...
It is personal joke.

End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #520

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