Re: Troll's darksense

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 02:56:04 EDT

John Snead:

<< Actually, since bats and dolphins don't interfere with each other's sonar,
I don't see that this would be a problem. Vast clouds of bats can fly extremely close together and even hunt in fairly dense groups w/o problem. I don't know how these creatures do it (perhaps they each use a slightly different frequency, >>

      Yes, bats have been observed to vary their sonar frequencies slightly when flying in a group so that they can distinguish their own clicks from those of their chums.  

<< Does anyone know if bas can see 360 with their sonar. I don't think they
can, since their sonar pulses are fairly focuses, but I'm not certain.>>

     Bats (unsurprisingly) have very good hearing anyway so it would be difficult to sneak up behind one. But the ultrasound pulses are directed forward, and indeed the bat must move its head from side to side if it wants a good picture of what's ahead of it.

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