Re: Troll's Darksense

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 03:07:35 EDT

Dag Staalhandskte:

<< If several troll's are using their darksense simultaneously, do they
disturb one another?
 Yes. You cannot automatically tell if an echo is yours or another troll's.>>

      Bats can do this without problem, so I doubt trolls would find it difficult.

<< Can a troll deliberately "jam" another troll's darksense? Yes, >>

     No, IMO, for the same reason given above.  

<< If a troll can see "inside" a living or dead body, would this be useful in
medical diagnostics?
 In our world, it would be quite useful in the emergency room to be able to see broken bones, internal bleeding and shrapnel inside a human body. In Glorantha, healing is done by magic and precise diagnostics are not as useful as in our world. It would be very useful to sort wounded people to make sure that those who needed quick help fast where the ones who got it. It would also be useful in security. With darksense you can do a complete body search, including a cavity search of a person without touching a person.>>

     Dolphins can tell whether a dead fish has gone off or not, by using sonar alone, so this seems entirely possible. Of course dark trolls might have to get up close and personal to do this, but if you're a healer (especially if you're a cute Xiola Umbar troll-ess) I can't see that being a problem :-)  

<< Can a troll move while using darksense?
 Ideally, the head should not move from the time ultrasound is emitted until the sound has bounced back. However, for normal troll purposes, i.e. walking or running in tunnels, this is not a problem. >>

     Indeed; bats and dolphins are of course constantly moving when they use their sonar, even when looking for snacks at some distance.  

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