Philosopher cows....

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 15:58:31 -0500

Peter Metcalfe says:

>I do not believe the potency of gloranthan magic depends on
>how well its philosophers can split hairs. For a philosophy
>to enhance one's magic, it should at least be relevant.
>Secondly, no amount of philosophical speculation will ever
>turn Elmal into the equal or superior of Yelm.

        I believe that keenly developed philosophy helps worshippers get the most out of their religion and god. In crass game terms, that's neat feats. The Yelmites have a well-developed philosophy, which gives them an extra edge over the Elmali. This is in addition to whatever extra mojo Yelm has over Elmal. So yeah, Elmal will never be the equal of Yelm, but if the Elmali had access to Solar philosophy and could recooncile it with their Storm Tribe roots, there would be less of a gap.

>If you want your original point to stand (that philosophical
>speculation is what makes a god great), it is necessary for
>you to prove it.

        I'm really not interested in arguing over what makes a god great anymore; the current question is whether the Orlanthi engage in philosophical speculation or not. I say they do, although not in an organized way; you (unless I am completely misunderstanding you) seem to think that philosophical speculation is alien to Orlanthi minds (as opposed to not encourage by Orlanthi culture).

>>in some people and peoples than others). Without them, the Orlanthi
>>might as well be their cows.
>So cows can reason how Orlanth saved the cosmos, can they?

        Nope. If the herder tells them the story, though, they can moo it to each other every day.

Peter Larsen

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