Gloranthan Ephemeris

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:17:32 +1000


> i am aware that Nick has his programme about the gloranthan star movements
> available on his webpage, but i remember another (or updated) one from a
> demonstration at last years (or was it the year before that) TENTACLES
> Could someone tell me who has made this programme, and where i can find a
> copy of it?

Nick's fine Gloranthan Ephemeris is available at Etyries:

it's for Windoze, a cozy 25 K zipped, comes 'as is', has helpful installation notes and the odd acerbic threat, and is a *delight* to use.


John                 John Hughes

And through this falling brightness
through the by now
utter blue
came Thetis, gliding across the azimuth, with armour the colour of moonlight
laid on Her forearms.

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