Lunar Empire under Attack

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 18:14:54 EDT

"Sartar, Full Moon day, Harmony week, Earth Season, 7/54 A terrorist strike destoyed one of the most powerful buildings of the world, the New Reaching Moon Temple of Sartar. The attack caused a lot of personal losses, including some important personalities.
The Red Emperor announces: "This awful act will be revenged, and the responsible persons will be hunted down and brought to justice." The whole Lunar Empire is shocked.
The King of Aggar, the King of Tarsh, the High Priestess of the Red moon, as well as JarEel and the Satraps confirmed that they will help the Lunar Empire in any way they can.
The Leaders of the CharUn, and of the Blue Moon Digijelm announced that their thoughts are with us."

Sorry if this might seem a bit cynical, with this events that happened in New York in mind, but this is the first time i could imagine how the LE might see the act of destroying their Reaching Moon Temple, and how shocked they might be.
The big Lunar Empire attacked by a terrorist strike of a tiny barbarian Kingdom.

If the Lunars feel only nearly as bad as i feel these days i can now imagine to play a Lunar, hungry for revenge, now...

I feel with you, United States of America.



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