Re: Divine identities

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 13:44:07 +0000

Divine identities make me uneasy. I marked Peter's reply re: Solf or Calyz as Lodril equivalents for a reply but Real World distractions took their toll.

Peter Metcalfe to Alex Ferguson's:


>Different deities, easily. The locations of Orlanth on the
>God plane are radically different from Shargash's locations.

So is the Storm Village from Ernalda's Earth Palace for the uninitiated. Otherwise this would be a "proof" that Orlanth's Hall is in the Underworld "since it's next to Ernalda's Palace".

Perhaps more telling are the different celestial bodies - but then Sh'Hakarzeel is present in the River and in Orlanth's Ring, too.

>Furthermore the equation Orlanth = Shargash really only appears
>as a Dara Happan slur rather than an authentic example of
>mythological confusion.

(A slur to whom, by the way?)


>Different deities, as explained in digests passim. Can
>also use the different places on the Godplane as evidence.

All three of them are candidates for Rebellus Terminus. Tolat has no such connection known to me, ZZ does.


>Same deity, even their runes are the same.

Zorak Zoran/Shargash ?

Or possibly Zolan Zubar/Shargash


>Same deity (although two different aspects).

My main contention is the earth/fire big one.



Monster Man/Deshkorgos


And to cross worlds:

Balumbasta/Lodril/<the almost-quenched origin for the walls of Sog City I forgot>/<whatever husband for Ashgortek the trolls have>



etc ad infinitum for the various earth kings with not so evident sky connection.


>As I've pointed out to Chris Lemens, I think they are the
>same deity but the fact that they have different runes
>(Ernalda has the Square earth rune while Oria has an upside
>down Triangle, inverse mountain, with a line through it)

To be blunt: pubic lips. Which indicates quite clearly what Oria is about, and that's not so much earth but fertility.

One might say Esrola/Oria...

>means that this identity is far from certain. In any case,
>the lack of certainty about Oria is solely caused by published
>evidence to date - it is not a sign that gloranthans are
>confused about whether Oria is the same goddess as Ernalda
>or not.

The question seems to be whether they both stand for the same subset of transcendant "essence". In Oria's case, I guess it's unlimited womanhood.


>Different deities. Ernalda is an Earth Goddess while Dendara
>is an atmospheric goddess.

That's not too clear. Ernalda/Entekos shares Earth and Lower Heavens. Her Dara Happan story is quite similar to that of Avarnia - an earth goddess lifted into the sky by help of her husband.


>Different deities. Yelmalio and Elmal have different locations
>on the godplane and different runes.

Since Monrogh. Before it was possible to worship Yelmalio as Elmal. Perhaps difficult (for themselves or their neighbours) but not impossible.

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