Re: Shargash

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 13:58:40 +0000

Peter Metcalfe and Alex:

> With the recent information about daimones/godlings in Thunder
> Rebels, I don't think that Tolat is singlehandedly responsible
> for all the couplings on that night, but that he sends godlings
> from his realm to do all the grunt work...

IIRC at Tentacles 2000 Greg said that omnilocation is a very standard divine power (talking about Orlanth rather than Tolat). Within their realm, that is.

>>> In any case, Tolat only does this once a year and considering
>>> the full importance of his destructive nature, I'll hazard the
>>> guess that the night of Uxorial Ecstasy is the _only_ time that
>>> he's capable of doing so.

>>To paraphrase Sandy P, "once is evidently more than enough".

> But 1/297 does not make a "significant fertility aspect".

One "day" of timeless Godtime may very well outweigh an entire year - Arkat was conceived and born during the Sunstop. I also note the varying lengths of pregnancy for Trowjangi mothers, which hint at some tampering with the normal flow of Time.

Tolat and Shargash still may have the same relationship as Elmal and Yelm - different deities sharing the same celestial body and drawing on the same transcendent thingamajic.

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